Jun 8, 2018
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Copy To Read Apk Download – Text to Speech

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Copy To Read Apk Download

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Option 1 (Android 4.1+):
1. Start the Copy To Read Service (flip the toggle switch in the app or use the widget)
2. Copy some text to your clipboard (from any app)
3. Sit back and listen as the text you copied is read out loud by your phone to you

Option 2 (Android 6.0+) – Using a floating “Speak” button like in iOS:
1. Highlight some text by holding your finger down on it (from within any app)
2. Tap the “Speak” button within the floating menu (the menu that contains the copy button)
3. Sit back and listen as the text you highlighted is read out loud by your phone to you
– Note: this method only supports reading text up to 1000 characters long due to a limitation in the Android framework. Sorry.

Want to make Copy To Read – Text to Speech automatically start and stop the reader service when you connect to a certain Wi-Fi network or bluetooth device?

– You can accomplish this through using the app called Trigger or the app called Tasker (See below for instructions on using these methods).

Instructions for using Trigger:
1. Add a new task
2. Set your trigger type
3. Click the add new task button
4. Select “Open Activity” task under the “Applications & Shortcuts” section
5. Click next
6. Select application: Copy To Read
7. Select activity: StartReaderActivity or StopReaderActivity

Instructions for using Tasker:
1. Build a new profile that triggers using the type of event that you want (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/other)
2. Link the profile to a new task
3. In the new task add a “Launch App” action under the “App” section
4. Find the Copy To Read app and hold down your finger on it for a few seconds
5. When the new dialog window appears select the StartReaderActivity or StopReaderActivity

Copy To Read Apk - Text to Speech

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