Jun 6, 2018
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Color Phone Flash Call Screen Theme apk Amazing App

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Color Phone Flash Apk Call Screen Theme apk

NEW call screen subjects and call streak in call topic changer entry! Get the call screen subject application with call alarm and find astonishing guest screen topics and call streak style!

Shading Phone Flash – a call screen subjects changer tweaks guest screen with guest screen topics and LED streak caution (call alarm). Pick guest screen subjects and LED electric lamp caution (call alarm) for your call screen slide through call screen changer. Download the call subject changer to appreciate FREE call alarm and guest screen topics application to changer call screen slide!

Driven Flash Alert-the most well-known call alarm is accessible to change the guest screen topics and guest screen show! Appreciate the ideal call screen topics, LED electric lamp caution (call alarm) and ringtone! The interesting guest screen subjects and call streak influence your call to screen slide sparkling, utilizing the call screen changer with streak shading.

Features of the call screen changer

– Caller Screen for approaching calls with call blaze or call alarm. Wonderful, in vogue guest screen show in guest screen subjects.

– Amazing call streak caution – Led electric lamp alarm/LED light and blaze shading for calls.

– Stunning call screen topics to brighten guest screen for guest screen show.

– Best call topic changer to change full size call streak for android, influence guest screen to show streak shading

– Easy-to-Use call screen subject slide through call screen changer

– Low vitality utilization, battery inviting with call streak, call alarm and call screen subject slide

Color Phone Flash Apk

Why Choose Color Phone Flash?

* Call screen changer makes guest screen extravagant with guest screen subjects for android and call streak

* Make your approaching calls noticeable with Call Flash and call caution on Call Screen

* Remind calls when your telephone peacefully mode with guest screen and call streak

* Call subject changer make you never miss any call by guest ready when you are occupied

Call Screen Themes

Guest screen streak is a flawless call topic changer to supplant your default call screen subjects, which gives different choices of full guest screen subjects to modify the guest screen. The call topic changer enables you to set up call screen subject slide or call streak for particular individuals. Appreciate the call screen changer with guest screen lights notice and call (streak shading) in this call screen application!

Driven Flash Alert

The LED caution and the spotlight will light itself when call comes. Set a particular LED streak ready example for imperative contacts and never miss approaches quiet mode again. Attempt LED streak alarm and guest screen subjects together to get visual call caution on both the guest screen and the electric lamp. The LED streak caution and guest screen topics, the best call alarm (call screen topic slide) is perfect with most android gadget.

Call Assistant

As a call screen changer, with the exception of guest screen topics and LED light ready that remind you the approaching calls, Color Phone Flash is a Call Assistant in the event that you miss calls through call glimmer and call alarm. On the off chance that you have effectively utilized the call subject changer, the LED update ringtones still influence you to miss critical calls, turn on the Call Assistant. Attempt the LED alarm, shading telephone subject, call streak and guest screen topics for particular contacts. Simple to utilize the call screen topic slide of call screen changer to answer telephones!

Color Phone Flash Call Screen Theme apk Amazing App

Ringtone in Color Phone Flash Call APk

While LED streak caution (call alarm) and guest screen subjects for android give visual call update, ringtone reminds you on the sound side. Every guest screen topic is consummately joined with a cool ringtone and a LED ready impact. Turn the ringtone down if pointless, and utilize the LED streak caution and call screen subjects when you utilize the call topic changer.

Color Phone Flash Call Screen Theme apk Amazing App


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